Customer Service Matters

When BISL restaurant in downtown Bozeman first opened its doors our family didn’t waste any time getting in there to check it out. Per normal we figured we’d ask the chef to modify something on the menu for our 8 year old ( sometimes sitters are hard to find!). We landed on the ramen noodle bowl and just asked them to hold all the good stuff and keep it simple. Now, I am not easily wow’d, but what happened next was downright AWESOME.

While we explored chicken skin tacos and other amazing small plates our kiddo colored until her food arrived.  Her ramen was delivered with a spoon and fork and our kid immediately asked for chopsticks (she had recently been working on her skills and loved the challenge). We asked our server if she had any chopsticks, figuring we could pull off the ‘ol folded napkin trick to create a kid-friendly pair.  The server replied with “let me see what I can do”.  Five minutes later she came back to our table with bright yellow chopsticks stuck into a little silicone panda’s feet and told my daughter she could keep them. Not only was my daughter’s face covered in a grin, but both of us were blown away and really pretty surprised a restaurant of this level would have panda chopsticks, but low and behold! It was only later I learned our server actually went to the store next to the restaurant and PURCHASED these chopsticks for my daughter. . . Talk about exceptional service. 

Listen, I’m not saying you need to stock up on cutesy chopsticks, but you and your team should know what you’re parameters are for wow’ing your customers.

What is your company’s version of panda chopsticks? 

If you are an employee, are you empowered to wow your customers?

if you’re an owner, is your team clear about what they can do to be memorable in the eyes of the customer?

It’s worth thinking about. 
It’s worth a brainstorm at your next team meeting. 

Just like the chopsticks, it doesn’t have to be choreographed in advance, but if the team doesn’t feel empowered with resources to ease the way for customers you will miss out on tons of opportunities to set your business apart. 

Karen Lum1 Comment