How to Ease Back Into Work After Vacation

If you have taken an extended weekend to refuel or are just coming off of an epic holiday vacation, remember that it’s ok to ease back into your routine.

Some of you may be thinking, “yeah right” I just took time off, my workload is so backed up now!” But a lot of what makes easing back into work after a break DOABLE, is how you prepare for it. So if you didn’t get proactive this go-round, check out my tips below before your next vacation!

1. Before you take time off, build your “First day back” priority list so you don’t have to try and prioritize after a holiday food coma! Of course there will be some new things that pop up but you will have a solid list to build on

2. Try not to schedule meetings, presentations or project deadlines on your calendar the first two days of your return to the office. Leave lots of room for whatever might pop up or be most critical ( and space to just not be super productive in case you need the cushion!)

3. If you manage a team (yes even one person counts) build in time to just be available to your people. It could look like working along side them or just touching base and supporting them in easing back into work!

4. Stay really aware of what time of day you get in the best zone for certain activities. Typically we all have our best time to be creative, lead others, look at numbers and data, make sales calls, etc. So know your zones and build your schedule to set yourself up for success!

I promise you these small steps can really make a huge difference on that first week back at work after a bunch of fun.