Learn To Reset When You are Struggling

Learning RESET methods that work for YOU, when you are feeling “off your game” is a critical business skill (heck, it’s a critical life skill!) .

Here are a few different methods to support you in REGROUPING or RESETTING when you are feeling disorganized, out of your “flow zone”, lacking clarity or priorities, struggling to stay focused or motivated: .

#1. Re-organizing our desk space sifting through receipts and other random papers .

#2. Stop and GET CAUGHT UP on bill paying and/or invoicing ( this stuff weighs us down!!) .

#3. REWRITING our action items and to do lists with deep prioritization in mind .

#4. Going for a brisk WALK before organizing .

#5. Block a solid four hours to re-organize and RESET PRIORITIES. Start with paper and pen or a dry erase board before using an online tool - this helps instill the info in your mind & body and connect you to it .

#6. Set up a LUNCH date with someone who is a POSITIVE thinker & gets excited about your business. It’s amazing the mental reset that can happen from talking to someone who is enthusiastic and excited to talk “shop” with you .

#7. Be really aware of your “FLOW ZONES” and schedule the next several days with those in mind. That means you do certain types of work activities during the time of day when YOU EXCEL at them BEST ( take control of your day) .

Take care of yourself like you would a gardener. What do plants need to flourish? Some need more water, some need less. Others need shade , while some need more sun . If you can grow a tomato, you can reset yourself. I promise.